The Bat Cave: Learning How to Build My Own ManCave

When I first learned that we had to create a Network Learning Project in my Media Technology class I instantly knew what my topic was going to be. In this project we have to come up with something that we are interested in learning for our personal life, something that we have not been able to get to at this point in our lives. I always looked forward to going to my friend’s or my Uncle’s house because they have an awesome game room in their basement where we could just put our feet up and escape the real world for a little while.

Now that I have the opportunity to learn something new, I am going to build my own game room or man cave, called “The BatCave.” In this room I look to have a big screen TV and equally great sound system to accentuate the experience of watching UCONN basketball with my family and friends.

Batman logo courtesy of DC Comics

Part of this project is that we can have little knowledge about our topic. Well, I have zero experience framing and hanging sheet rock; my wife thought I was crazy when I originally told her my idea to renovate the basement. Having limited knowledge on how to build a room literally from the ground up, I had to find some reliable resources. One was my good friend Tim, who is very handy, and probably wielded a hammer before he could walk. My second source was Youtube; I have tirelessly watched videos on how to frame walls thanks to Tom Silva of “This Old House.”

As I make progress in this project of building my own ManCave, it is not about just going on Youtube and watching tutorials on how to frame walls. I have to have the right equipment and materials for the job, or else it could limit the quality of the room. I will say that so far Youtube and This Old House has been my biggest source of information. I have used Home Depot’s website to look for the right materials, reading reviews of customers on what to buy and what not to buy. I find the reviews to be very useful, as most of us learn best from our own or other people’s decisions.

As I move forward with this project, I will continue to use how-to videos on Youtube to create the BatCave. After watching hours of video, I now know how to accurately measure where the studs go, how far apart they need to be (16” on center), and most importantly how to put the frames together and hang them in place. I am definitely a learn-by-doing person, but with this first part of framing the walls, I had to resort to the experts and use my online resources available to me to limit the amount of mistakes being made. After all, I have been given a deadline on when this project needs to be completed (January 3, the date our daughter will be born), so it is in my best interest to use my time and resources wisely.

I look forward to sharing this experience with all my readers, and will be posting pictures of all the progress being made on the creation of, “The BatCave.”

Below are some photos of the work that has been done. Until next time…

-John V

First frame assembled
First half of the wall framed (That’s Tim)

5 thoughts on “The Bat Cave: Learning How to Build My Own ManCave

  1. John,

    This looks to be a very cool project. I am an HGTV and DIY network addict and am a huge fan of the idea of taking something old or unfinished and making it exactly what you want. I would love to buy an old house and do a total renovation. It is awesome that you picked this topic for you NLP project because obviously it will benefit you well into the future by giving you a place to hang out, but I am sure you will also learn a ton and be able to use that knowledge if you ever move or need to help a friend out!

    Good luck and I look forward to following your journey!



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