Cooking With TPACK

Cooking with TPACK reinforced that in education we are constantly altering our instruction given the resources available to us. In this scenario we had minimal resources available, such as a bowl, plate, and a meat mallet. I would have rather used a knife with a cutting board to cut the vegatables, but as we have learned we might not always have this available.

The most frustrating part was not smashing an onion, but editing the video in post production with limited software available. This was a good learning experience for me that I can pass on to my students the next time they need a reminder on not having enough information or resources. I hope you enjoyed the video!

-John V


2 thoughts on “Cooking With TPACK

  1. I did enjoy your video. Very entertaining. But I am mostly impressed on how you made those tools work for you. Great idea to show your students on how to make what you have work for you.


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