BatCave Update: Framing the Exterior Wall

Batman logo courtesy of DC Comics
Batman logo courtesy of DC Comics

In my previous BatCave post, I made it a goal to complete the framing of the exterior wall for this week. I am happy to say that the exterior wall is framed and looks amazing! This was no easy task to complete, as we had to frame around the electrical box and the chimney access panel (this is where having Tim comes in handy!) I tried looking for videos on how to do this on Youtube, but did not find any that were suitable for what I was trying to do. I did find some images posted on blogs and Pinterest from others doing similar work that were very helpful in providing a visual on how the frame was supposed to look.

The framing of the actual exterior wall was rather easy, since I have had enough experience framing both the side and back walls. The exterior wall was cut into three frames, with each stud being 16’ on center. For this we simply nailed each stud into the frame created, with the pressure treated stud serving as the base. Remember, you always want the floor piece of the frame to be pressure treated because they will absorb moisture from the floor to prevent rotting.

Completed exterior wall
Completed exterior wall

The tricky parts were framing around the electrical box and the chimney access panel. These were tricky because we had to measure around the box and cut away at the frame we just built.

IMG_0038_2For the electrical box, we measured the distance from stud to stud and cut a piece that sits under the box; this will serve as a nailer for the sheetrock to be nailed onto. The electrical box is mounted on a wood platform, as seen in the picture, and caused for us to cut at the platform to make the studs around the box flush, or leveled. We kept cutting away at the wood platform, checking the level each time, until we finally got it right.

Main electrical

Next, we had to cut at the chimney access panel. This was not as time consuming as the electrical box, as all we had to do was cut away at the exterior wall stud that covered the panel. We cut away the piece that covered the panel, and cut two pieces that were placed above and below the panel. We also cut two more small nailers to hold those two bigger pieces in place. The end result is a sturdy frame around the chimney access door.

Chimney access panel

I can’t believe that the first phase of the BatCave is almost complete. This has been such a learning process and has taught me how things are built and the tools needed in order to be successful. My two goals for the next update is to tidy up and check that all framing, walls and ductwork, are flush so that the sheetrock can be hung evenly. The second goal will be more time consuming, where I will install all the insulation for the ceiling of the room. I am not going to insulate the walls because the room stays at a steady temperature already. I will take to Youtube for this since I have never installed insulation before, and will film a couple video clips to go along with my post.

Thanks for reading!

-John V


One thought on “BatCave Update: Framing the Exterior Wall

  1. John, this looks incredible! I think it is great that you are using both digital and “human” resources to learn and accomplish your goals. What is so great about your NLP is that you are learning skills that are transferrable to other areas of your life…now that you know how to reframe walls and build you’ll be able to do this kind of work in other areas of your home too!


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