Multimodal Tutorial: Quizlet


Building this tutorial was a great learning experience because it reinforced how important it is to set accurate and precise step by step directions. I wanted to make this tutorial identical to how a teacher would create a classroom set of vocabulary for students. I learned that creating a tutorial takes time, and should not be rushed. Being impatient in this process could lead to a step or two being confusing, and then the teacher will end up getting multiple messages from their students who might be confused as a result. Quizlet is a great tool for educators to leverage their class vocabulary using the web and students’ smartphones and tablets. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Click the link below for the multimodal tutorial on Quizlet.

Quizlet Multimodal Tutorial

-John V


4 thoughts on “Multimodal Tutorial: Quizlet

  1. Nice work on your multimodial tutorial. I love quizlet! I used it a lot for data collection with students as I could easily pull it up on my phone, sometimes as we were walking in the hall! Do you ever share your sets with others? I never have, but it would be interesting if you could collaborate with another teacher teaching the same courses in another part of the country.

    Seems like your have your SLO for next year all written and a plan on how you are going to implement! That is a nice way to make everything work together.


  2. I am so glad that you did a tutorial on Quizlet because as you were presenting it in class, I attempted to write down information that would help me to use it. It’s a great tool to use with content vocabulary terms and my students will appreciate/enjoy it. I will certainly be referring back to your tutorial during the school year. Thanks!


  3. Great work on this tutorial. Your overview of the tool is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    I’m thinking that we need to include guidance on the top of the posts indicating if this info if for students, teachers, etc.

    Great work. I’ll definitely use…and forward Quizlet to others.


  4. Looks like a really neat tool. I know some of our teachers have used it but I never really saw it in use. These teachers have actually asked me questions about it. But could not comment to it because of not having experience with it. Great tutorial. I’ll have a better understanding of this when some the teachers who use it, mention it to me or ask me questions about it. I can refer them to this tutorial.


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