EDUC 7710 Commercial: Who Am I?

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Below you will find my one-minute commercial about me for EDUC 7710. This project seemed easy at first, as I put together bullet points for what I wanted the viewers to know about me. As I was shooting the video, I realized it would not be as easy as I first thought.

I decided to shoot the video in my back yard with a cardboard cutout of Ryan Gosling in the rearview for “visual support.” There was a little breeze as I was shooting this video by hand, and that created a couple challenges. One challenge was keeping a steady grip of my phone while shooting, and the other was Ryan swaying side to side from the breeze (this was rather startling).

Even though I was prepared with bullet points, that did not prevent me from shooting this commercial several times until I was comfortable with the final product. Once I was satisfied I edited the video using iMovie. Normally I am a Sony Vegas guy but I decided to give iMovie a try on my new Macbook.

Just like we do in teaching, I kept working at shooting a quality product, not letting small obstacles get in my way. As a result I am very happy with the final cut and hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it.

My neighbors probably think I am a crazy person as they walked out into their yard as I was shooting, talking to myself with a cardboard hunk behind me.


-John V


One thought on “EDUC 7710 Commercial: Who Am I?

  1. John,

    AWESOME! I love Ryan Gosling in the background. I like how you addressed the specific types of technology you use in the classroom and included some personal information (congrats on the baby!). Overall, great final product.


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