The Bat Cave: A Frame for Success

Batman logo courtesy of DC Comics
Batman logo courtesy of DC Comics

It has been just over a month since I set my goal of completing the framing and insulation of my Bat Cave for the Network Learning project in EDUC 7714. I am happy to say that I have successfully achieved both goals, and am now ready for the next phase in the completion of the Bat Cave, which is hanging sheet rock.

I have learned so much throughout the course of this project that I would never have been able to do if I did not dive in and use my Personal Learning Network (PLN) as my best resource. The two main contributors from my PLN to my success and learning in this project were my good friend Tim Goff (General Manager of Goff’s Equipment Services in Litchfield, CT) and YouTube. Using my PLN as my best resources helped me learn how a room is built, and the elbow grease that goes into completing a project such as this. With the help of my PLN, I learned such things as:

  1. Measuring the necessary lengths for a frame
  2. Use heavy duty equipment such as a nail gun, miter saw, and a DuoFast high powered nail gun
  3. Build and hang a frame
  4. Box around ductwork and electrical work
  5. Build shelving for a closet
  6. Insulate a ceiling


I also applied my knowledge of TPACK in this project whenever something did not go as planned. One occurrence of using TPACK to adjust and alter a plan was when I came up short on insulation a couple times. I made an adjustment, rather than just ripping the whole roll of insulation out, I improvised and filled the empty space with extra insulation so that there were no empty spots where sound can get through. I compare this to our Cooking with TPACK project when we had to adjust to the tools we were provided for the dinner we chose to make out of a hat. We alter our instruction in education based on the tools and resources we have, and this project was no different.

Finally, I feel that blogging about each update on the project reinforced what I was learning and served as motivation for me to complete goals I set for myself in each post, making adjustments to my practices when necessary. I feel that this will be a good tool to implement as part of my pedagogy this year in school, having students blog about things that they are learning and class and how they can apply this new knowledge to their lives.

The framing of a room can be compared to the technology in a classroom, as both serve as the infrastructure and main support for each. The framing holds up the walls of a room, just as the technology of an assignment or instruction holds and engages a student’s attention. I am very happy to have participated in this project, and will continue to use my new learning in every aspect of my life. I put together a video compiling all the pictures and video I took while completing this project and embedded it below.

Let the sheet rocking begin. Thanks for reading!

-John V


3 thoughts on “The Bat Cave: A Frame for Success

  1. Wow, that is a lot of work. I hope you have time to continue working on this when the school year begins. You will need to have it done before your bundle of joy arrives this winter! I like your connection to TPACK and the parallel you drew between framing a room and technology in education. It makes me think of the need for a strong infrastructure in regards to technology implementation. You will be so proud of your room when it is complete. Maybe Nicole can paint you a Batman mural for the wall!

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