Google Sites: A Digital Learning Hub

I spent the last few hours putting my digital learning hub together in Google Sites, and have to say that I expected a little more than what it is available within this platform. I knew going in that the site was limited and focused more on the ease of creating sites in Google, but I was hoping that there was more opportunity for creativity within this site.

I am going to continue messing around with the site and watch more videos on creating pages and how to organize them efficiently before I switch to another platform. I am going to take into account that I use Google Apps for most of my schoolwork, and Google Sites will play nice with the resources I provide for my students.

Today I created my site and found it difficult to find a layout that I really liked. I will continue tinkering with different layouts until I come across one that I find aesthetically pleasing. I have to use Google Sites because it is unblocked on our network in Meriden, and should be easy for students to navigate through and interact with.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.48.17 PM

I have created pages for announcements and resources thus far. Within the Resources page, I will include links to all the tools we use for class including our CMS Moodle, Quizlet, and a link to our class list of blogs. Within these resources I will use it as a space to embed the link to my Youtube channel so that students have a direct link to my videos that I record from class. This way if a student is absent, they can go right to the channel for that day’s lesson. I already do this in Moodle, but one more avenue wouldn’t hurt!

I am going to keep the door open to try other sites for my digital learning hub, but will give Google Sites a legitimate chance as I add more content and resources on my hub. I look forward to building up my digital learning hub as a place for students to access class material and for parents to see what is going on their child’s Business class.

-John V


One thought on “Google Sites: A Digital Learning Hub

  1. I agree that having more than one avenue for students to reach the content is a good idea. It’s true that Google Sites isn’t as robust as many of the other options, but there are advantages as you’ve noticed. If you search for “Google Sites templates” you’ll find many places offering free templates to use in Sites. I’ve learned that whenever I find a limitation in a site I’m using, there’s usually many people out there offering solutions.


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