Searching for Exemplary Digital Learning Hubs

In EDUC 7720 we have been assigned the task of creating a digital learning hub for our classes. This is a space where teachers can post announcements and class content onto their own website for students to have accessible to them wherever there is an Internet connection.

After looking at some of the exemplars provided by Tim, I have to say that I am looking for something a little more interactive and engaging. I am a fan of the aesthetics when it comes to searching and sifting online. I get hooked in by visuals and embedded content. I enjoy sites that allow the user to interact with the content and provide easy to follow resources including multimodal tutorials.

When I think of an effective digital learning hub, I think of Tim’s hub because it provides students with a place where they can stay informed with class announcements, learn via multimodal tutorials, and serves as a form of professional development in its offerings of teacher resources.

In my site I will try to include a more engaging design, but I like Tim’s site because it is clean and easy to follow. I looked through several other digital learning hubs and just thought that there can be so much more to this site to offer for students. As important as I think the aesthetics are in designing a learning hub, I believe the functionality is even more important. Students need to be able to easily navigate through the learning hub to access content for class.

I am going to take all these ideas and observations into consideration when building my learning hub. One thing I would like to include is a section where students can contact me with any questions, almost like an online office hours section. I have chosen to start with Google Sites because I have heard that it plays nice with everything Google, and am looking forward to creating a digital learning hub for my students to use for class!

-John V


One thought on “Searching for Exemplary Digital Learning Hubs

  1. Excellent points! Aesthetics and functionality are both important. It’s good that you are looking at the site from the students’ point of view. Knowing how high school students navigate online will help you create a site that they will actually use.


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