Digital Learning Hub Announcement

learning-featuredI would like to take this opportunity to introduce my digital learning hub in my final blog post for ED 7720. Throughout this entire course, we were asked to construct our own personal hub of information for our teaching practice. This is a place where teachers and students can go for information and resources related to the courses I teach.

My digital learning hub was created in WordPress, and can be accessed here. I originally began the construction of my hub using Google Sites, but did not find the layout to be aesthetically pleasing enough for my own taste. I wanted my hub to represent my personality, and I feel that the layout that WordPress provides and the ease of functionality was perfect in the creation of this hub.

The purpose of my digital learning hub is to provide any of my current students, fellow educators, and alum to access resources and content from classes I’ve taught and share with them at the viewer’s disposal. As I build up my hub over the years, it will be filled with resources for my students to use and resort back to if they ever need to access a particular topic from class. This is a living hub of information and is designed to be a resource center for anyone interesting in accessing my materials.

In my hub, I decided to use the home page as a place to house my “about me” that I created in ED 7710. My thinking is that I want this to be the first thing viewers will see, and learn about me both as an educator and as a person. Most people who visit will click past this, but I like to leave it open to the visitor to do so.

I created a “blog” page for all my blog posts throughout the course of this program. Anytime I post to my blog they will go directly to this page, keeping them in chronological order from the time I started the IT&DML program to present.

I have a section strictly devoted to the courses I teach, with the “Courses” page being the parent page for all my sub-pages. The sub-pages are labeled by class, and include resources that both students and parents can access without having to go to our class Moodle site, where the course content is located. Some files included here are the class welcome letter, syllabus, rubrics, and link to our class Moodle site.

Lastly, I included a page strictly for the content I create in the IT&DML program. So far I have sub-pages for multimodal tutorials and lesson plans. If I had more time, I would have liked to organize the work I have done by the classes I have taken in this program. This could be something that I do during the winter break. The idea here is that this hub will be a living source of my teaching and work in this program, and look to keep making tweaks to my hub to keep it current and resourceful.

-John V