SAMR: Teaching Above the Line

In t58055481oday’s Digital Age we are not short on new education initiatives and teaching models to improve instruction. New and improved methods of instruction are frequently being developed to provide students with meaningful learning experiences to achieve success in (and out) of the classroom.


SAMR is a model that I was not familiar with before this week. After reading and viewing the resources from this week, I am excited at the opportunity to redesign my current lessons and activities to transform the learning experience for my students.


Angry Whopper sandwich, Burger King

The SAMR model can be defined in the simplest of analogies, such as ordering fast food. The customer (student) can order a Whopper from Burger King, rather than making the burger at home (substitution). This order can also be improved by adding cheese to the burger (augmentation). If the customer desires, they can order a Whopper meal that includes fries and a drink (modification). Finally, the customer can order a Whopper meal that they never could have dreamed of, the Angry Whopper meal (redefinition).

Visit my Storify at the link below for a detailed description on the SAMR model and how to best use it for technology integration in the 21st century classroom.

SAMR Storify

-John V



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