This Week in Formative Assessment

2034235c837a9ea3c9c6ce31cb924455This week touched on a very “trendy” topic in education, formative assessment. Formative assessment is discussed at almost every professional development training, observation, and employment interviews. There are so many ways to do this using a number of tools available online, and most are free.

Formative assessment has always been a rather straightforward way to assess and provide feedback to students, but with the wave of technology streaming into classrooms it has revolutionized the way we assess students using this technology. No longer is the method of walking around with a checklist and clipboard and scanning the room the most efficient way to use formative assessment. Today, the best teachers are able to integrate technology into formative assessment to modify instruction and enhance the learning experience for students.

In the video below, I discuss three formative assessment tools that I use in the classroom.

  1. Kahoot!
  2. Padlet
  3. Google Forms


The best formative assessment tools enable instant feedback and data to modify instruction to benefit students. Teachers new to using technology this way should not try to use every tool in Kathy Dyer’s 50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success. Teacher focus should be on how the technology will help students reach the learning target, not just using technology just to use it. I personally like to add a technology tool to my toolbox every year, and am already looking into new ways to use technology in formative assessments in the high school business classroom for next school year.

-John V


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