Digital Portfolio Site Considerations

portfolio-628A year ago at the beginning of the IT&DML program at the University of New Haven, all participants in the program had to choose a site to host their blog for the program. The blog would serve as a place to post reflections and projects from each class in the program. Later in the program, we also had to create a digital learning hub to house specific materials created from the program as means to provide information to our audience, whether to students, parents, other teachers, or anyone. I used WordPress for my blog and digital learning hub as it was very easy to use, yet still gave the viewers an interactive and aesthetically pleasing experience. The templates were very attractive and offered  very professional look.

Now, in the final semester of the program, we are asked to create a digital portfolio to publish the work created in the program and give viewers a look into who we are as educators and insights we can provide as technology specialists. Viewers will be able to engage with the content we include in our portfolio and get a glimpse of what it is like to be in our classroom.



I am going to use my digital portfolio as a display for all the work I have completed in the IT&DML program so that visitors can use the resources and reflections I provide for their own research or professional development. I am very interested in using Wix to house my digital portfolio, as it offers an easy to create and follow design for both the creator and visitor. My goal for this digital portfolio is to offer an easy to follow and professional look to represent myself as an educator, and my philosophy of instructional technology and best practice in the 21st century classroom. If Wix proves to be too cumbersome, I will strongly consider Google Sites for my digital portfolio, as most of my work has been created using Google Apps, and will play nice with the Google Sites templates. I see a little learning curve involved using Wix, but my goal for this process is to reflect on all that has been accomplished in this program, using a new site to display my learning and reflections.

-John V


One thought on “Digital Portfolio Site Considerations

  1. John-
    One take away I have from this program is that I have to be willing to try out many applications. The options applications are endless. Platforms to host our digital hubs are one example. If we don’t play around with each platform we won;t know if it will work for us. It seems the assignment is not just the final product but the exploration of the platforms as well.


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