Digital Portfolio Site Map

As I brainstorm and outline the content to include in my digital portfolio, I realize how much I have learned from the IT&DML program at the University of New Haven. I have created so much work, that it is difficult to pick and choose which work will make the final digital portfolio and which will not. Below are some of the notes I took of major work completed for each class in the program.

Digital Portfolio Outline

As I was creating my site map for the digital portfolio, I realized that some work might not make it into the final product. I included a section called “Artifacts,” but feel there is too much in there and need to break it down some. I am considering creating another section on IT&DML theories (I am open to suggestions for a better name for this) where I can include work on concepts such as SAMR, Formative Assessment, TPACK, and others. Any constructive feedback is more than welcome!

Below you can find my site map for the digital portfolio. I made this site map using MindMeister, which I found much easier to use than other sites previously used.

Digital Portfolio Site Map


-John V



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