Planning a Digital Portfolio

blackwixlogoassetsLast week I took a look into creating my digital portfolio in Wix, and a week later I have officially decided to go ahead using Wix as my digital portfolio provider. It offers a sleek and customizable design, with an aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow display for visitors. It is also extremely user-friendly as it affords the owner to drag and drop content into place. Wix offers everything I am looking for in a site to host my digital portfolio: a sleek look with an easy-to-follow interface.

Over the past week I also had the chance to review the constructive feedback on the site map created for my digital portfolio. After reading through the feedback, I made significant changes to my site map. I made these changes with the goal in mind that I wanted my digital portfolio to serve as a resource for teachers, as well as a final product to curate my experience in the program and possibly use in future job opportunities.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.56.49 PM
My Site Map

My initial site map was quite cumbersome and clustered; the revised version now has an organized format for the Artifacts to offer a particular topic for each. For example, in Artifacts I have created a sub-category named Educational Technology Theory that consists of several sub-groups of major theories discussed in the program (if I am missing any please let me know). I thought this would offer an organized way of showcasing the work I have completed in the program, and an easy way for educators to find information and ideas for professional development.

Creating this digital portfolio will be an interesting and challenging process, as I have never used Wix in the past. However, I am looking forward to this new challenge in curating all the work created in the IT&DML program and making something that I will be proud of. Stay tuned!
-John V


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